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Durability and practicality

Defining every room with style while blurring boundaries to make room for light: Iris, light and beautiful, is a robust and practical window. The visible fittings guarantee 180° opening, very robust hinges and easy maintenance, while the aluminium exterior provides total weather protection. Its bold, elegant interior lines and high-quality materials make it a wonderful combination of beauty and robustness.

Valori riferiti a campione di prova – per l’estensione dei risultati si rimanda a quanto previsto dalla norma UNI EN 14351-01
Spessore anta e telaio [mm] Spessore vetro [mm] Ferramenta Ug vetro [W/m2K] Trasmittanza termica convenzionale Uw [W/m2K] Resistenza al carico del vento Tenuta all’acqua Permeabilità all’aria Capacità portante dispositivi di sicurezza
UNI EN ISO 10077-2:2018 UNI EN 12211:2016 UNI EN 1027:2016 UNI EN 1026:2016 UNI EN 14351-1, UNI EN 14609
Finestra a 2 ante di dimensioni 1,23m (±25%) x 1,48m (-25%)
Abete Larice
 Finestra 90-76 52 A vista 0,5
0,85 0,91
NPD E1650 Classe 4 Passa
 Finestra 90-76 36 A vista 1,1
1,25 1,31
NPD E1650 Classe 4 Passa
 Finestra 90-76 28 A vista 1,1
1,25 1,31
NPD E1650 Classe 4 Passa

The visible fittings guarantee 180° opening, easy maintenance and permit the introduction of “special shapes”.

Exterior aluminium / Visible fittings
Interior wood / Visible fittings

High-performance thermal and acoustic insulation make this window the ideal solution for those seeking a perfect combination of aesthetics, nature and technology for living. Iris is available in a wide range of colours.

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