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Elegant Details

Aurea is capable of working its way into a building with marked traditional tones.  Its ancient appeal finds room in contexts that are rich in history, and when it is combined with architecture of a contemporary impression, it manages to create that contrast of effects that astounds.  The refined details, the expressive respect of the golden rules, and the particular processing of the wood all make Aurea a window with ancient inspiration.  Its contemporary soul is set in the high performance of thermal and acoustical insulation combined with the use of customized production technologies, factors that are essential in the creations from Essepi.  Available in versions with a flap pane or sliding, Aurea can be realized upon request with fittings that are completely hidden, recreating that design which is an expression of the traditional window.



Supporting profile in wood for the leaf and a frame with a thickness of 68mm with processing carried out using special machinery with numerical control.  The design brings back a window like those of “once upon a time”, with the classic frames that, while respecting the golden rules, enhance the processing of the wood and the entire context of the window.  The window may be provided with thin muntins that divide the glass.  The width of the profile is 70 mm along the perimeter, 116 mm in the center, and only 30 mm on the muntins.  The laminate wood that is used is PEFC certified and originates from forests with certified sustainable management.  Layers of elements with a length greater than 2,500 mm are joined with finger joints.  The minimum length between the joints is equal to 800 mm.

Thermal Performance

Thermal transmittance up to 1.20 W/(m²K) according to the UNI EN ISO 10077-1 standard with low emissivity glass from 28 mm.


Supporting structure in three-layer laminate wood, with aspects in spruce, larch, or oak.  The multiple glazing is glued at the perimeter of the pane and actively contributes to the structural engineering of the window.


Siegenia Titan AF fittings in the turn and tilt or sliding versions, and completely hidden upon request.  Elements in tropicalized steel with hinges and latches that are adjustable in three directions.  Basic anti-break-in series configuration, with antidrill handles and opening prevention from the outside.


Three seals in TPE expanded thermoplastic material, resistant against atmospheric agents with a sealing function against water, air, and noise.


Integral Essepi painting, with robotized three-coat treatment applied on its entire surface – including the surface facing the joints – before assembly.  This technology gives the product a double lifespan with respect to systems with traditional painting.  All of the profiles are treated with antiworm and antimould paint, brushed, and painted with transparent or covering hydrosoluble acrylic products that are resistant to UV light.  With certain woods such as larch, it is possible to not use chemical paints so as to appreciate the aromatic essence of the wood and the surface to the touch.


Glazing available with a thickness of 28 mm double paned.  Plate glass single paned or stratified with a thickness from 4 to 10 mm.  Paired with the plate glass is PVB film that may have functions of security, anti-break-in, or acoustical insulation.  Possibility of one or more panes of multiple glazing with low emissivity treatment.  Groove with Super Spacer or low conductivity TGI, in various colors.  Airspace filled with inert argon gas.  The composition of the multiple glazing as a function of the type of panes supplied will have the thermal, acoustical, safety, solar factor, and luminosity performance as desired.

Some characteristics may differ in the final product.

Technical Characteristics: Window

Leaf frame thickness

Glass thickness in mm


UG glass W/m2K

Transmittance W/m2K

Window in spruce from 1230 x 1480 mm


values may be obtained with special glazing

AUREA 68-68 28

Visible, optional as hidden

 1 1,2 Up to 38 dB

Tradition and Style

A timeless dialogue between tradition and style.  An enchanting frame capable of enhancing historical buildings and gems of residences.  Sinuous and enchanting, Aurea is the traditional window made entirely of wood, intended to carry out a dialog with façades of classic lines, vintage reconstructions, and estimable estates.  A window that looks to the past, carrying with it the technology of the future.

Safe and High Performance

The refinement of tradition combined with the pleasantness and the warmth of certified high quality wood.  A high profile window with technology against break-in to provide the safety you deserve at all times.

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