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Essepi Windows

Technological innovation, aesthetic research, respect for the environment: these are the three passwords that make Essepi a cutting edge company in the field of windows and doors.  With Essepi, the window is not just synonymous with comfort and security, it also indicates a style of living, a certain attention to detail, the desire for perfection.  The functional standard has never been separated from the formal aspect, in all of the phases of development, from the design to the production cycle to the finished product. 

Essepi windows are realized entirely at the factory, where each model has its own dedicated production line.  From the profiling of the wood and the butting of the joints to the processing and cutting of the aluminum, from the assembly to the automated painting, all the way to the packing of the completed window, all of the plants have been designed and realized by the Essepi team. 

Essepi employs the absolutely best raw materials and semi-finished goods that are obtained from industrial processes with constant quality.  Wood, aluminum, glass, and steel: these are the components of an Essepi window, rigorously devoid of petroleum products, 100% ecological.  Essepi windows are the only products with an industrial cycle that excludes the use of PVC and polyurethane products, reaching levels of solidity that are unique amongst their type.  The soul of every Essepi window is its supporting structure in engineered laminate wood, starting from spruce and larch – with the grain in a “striped” pattern – cultivated by producers who have earned FSC and PEFC certification which is then dried, planed, and straightened.  The laminate wood allows for the realization of stable profiles that are not deformed over time, it produces less waste to be disposed, and it offers aesthetic solutions that are more harmonious. 

Flexibility, long life, and stability are furthermore guaranteed by the wood fiber and by the particular drying processes of the wood.  The fittings in steel that can be 100% recycled and the resin-based paints that are diluted in water, and thus without any chemical, which themselves can also be completely recycled constitute the absolute peak of ecological qualitative parameters.

Essepi X-Lam

When innovation, tradition, technology, and environmental culture meld together, an idea of the future takes shape.  An idea that was born in 2012 with the creation of the brand and the Essepi X-Lam factory, today the leading company in the production of X-Lam panels and in the design and realization of wooden buildings with extremely high performance in the areas of energy conservation and antiseismic safety. 

The factory was designed as a function of a production layout at an increased level of efficiency, safety, and quality of the processes.  It provides an area of large dimensions, an environment with controlled temperature and humidity, and an industrial methodology capable of producing X-Lam structural panels and exclusively customized arrangements of layers that are suitable for any design demands.  A precise economic and ecological choice that makes maximum utilization of the raw materials that are available and substantially limits the production of waste.  A company characteristic that makes Essepi X-Lam a production reality that is oriented toward the customer’s requirements and toward the structural particularities of the buildings to be constructed, whether they are residential, commercial, or public. 

Conceived, designed, and developed internally, the machinery – from the systems for the joints to those of the planing, from the cutting tools to the equipment for moving pieces – is functional as an automated production and quality control system that is unique in the sector. 

The strongpoint of the Essepi brand is the Integral System which pairs the technology and design of Essepi Windows with the construction methods of Essepi X-Lam according to a revolutionary model of production synergy capable of realizing buildings with large dimensions and volumes with the design possibility of extreme versatility.  The latest techniques in prefabrication in the factory, developed by the Essepi team, do indeed bring with them a drastic reduction in the times and costs to realize a building and substantial advantages in terms of safety at the building site and the urban and environmental impact.

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